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A Man’s Style in Relation to His Body Type:
Thin men need to add weight to their bodies, and the fabric they choose is vitally important. Horizontal lines are a thin man’s friend, and textured fabrics such as tweeds and glen check will help add some substance to his frame. A thin man should be mindful of his clothing’s fit – too slim of a cut will only accentuate his narrow frame while too loose of one will exaggerate his lean structure. The thin man should look to overlap fabric in subtle ways such as with a double breasted jacket and double pleated trousers with cuffs. He should pay attention to his shirt’s fit, specifically in the neck (two finger allowed) and wrists (a man should not be able to slip his cuffs off without unbuttoning them). Details such as a pocket square and a medium spread collar will help give him a little more heft. Even his grooming can make a difference – allowing a little more hair to grow on his head can make a dramatic difference.

Wann ist ein Mann ein Mann? The Art of Manliness!

'Stil - Körpertypen'

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